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My focus is always my client.

Whether you are a spouse contemplating the end of your marriage and possibly the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, an unmarried parent with those same concerns for children of a relationship, a former spouse or parent looking to enforce or modify a Separation Agreement, parenting plan or child support order, a grandparent with concerns for a grandchild or an individual contemplating marriage and seeking a prenuptial agreement, I listen, I inquire, I review, I understand, I take action, I will keep you informed, I will work hard, I will work to solve your problems, and I value.

Read about my focused approaches below, pause by selecting one:

I listen to what you have to say about the situation(s) that brought you to my office. I know how much emotional trauma someone endures before they are able to pick up that phone, make the call and keep the appointment with me. Years of professional and personal experience has given me the capacity to understand the particular emotions and events to cause you to seek this help.
I inquire to be certain during our meetings I am getting the full picture. The what, where, when and how behind each child custody or visitation matter, property, spousal support or enforcement subject is essential to assuring all of your interests are protected and secured. Was there any economic or financial abuse of assets during the relationship?
I review each and every bit of documentary data developed in your case. When was property such as houses, cars, retirement funds, investments, recreational vehicles, obtained? With what assets was it acquired, in whose name was the property titled, with whose earnings was the property maintained and improved.

This is just a partial listing of the important data I will review.
I understand the impact your personal set of facts and circumstances is and will have on you, your children and other people in your life.
I understand and I am capable of meeting your complex needs. Whether those needs involve any of the following matters, I will manage your case and with you, pursue your best interests:

* Developing a durable, encompassing parenting plan

* Unraveling complex ownership interests in a closely held business

* Dealing with sophisticated business evaluations

* Dividing intricate retirement benefits and pensions

Your best interests, your goals, your aspirations, will be aggressively pursued and achieved through negotiation, collaborative practice and/or mediation.

I take action on your behalf based upon this information and the strategy and path you and I develop and agree upon. We will discuss until you understand, all of the options available to you. Collaborative law, negotiation mediation and litigation are each means frequently utilized to achieve the sought results. And each of these means carries pros and cons to be considered and understood before we proceed. Once a decision on how to proceed is made, I will aggressively pursue your goals.
I will keep you informed from day one of our relationship regarding every aspect of your case as it proceeds. No decisions are made without your understanding and consent. You and your loved ones will live with the outcome of my efforts so it is vital you know and understand what is transpiring at each juncture.
I will work hard for you. Working hard is a source of great satisfaction and pride and is an essential ingredient of becoming the best.
I will solve your problems. To practice law is to solve problems. That has always been my main approach to what I do as a lawyer. Disputes can be resolved without confrontation, litigation, wasted time and unnecessary expense of resources and emotional capital.


Harry S. Sudman now limits his practice to Mediation services to couples, whether married or not, regarding parenting, property/debt division, child and spousal support enforcement and modification, pre and post Decree.


Mr. Sudman is a proud member of the "National Organization for Parental Equality'.


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