Mediation FAQ


Mediation is a process outlined in Ohio law at sections 2710 of the Ohio Revised Code, in which the parties to a dispute meet in a private and confidential setting, and with the active and learned help of a neutral mediator, develop their own unique solution to their own unique dispute. The mediator does not and cannot decide who is right or wrong, or for that matter, make any qualitative decisions for the parties. The mediator is not a hearing officer. The mediator cannot force the participants to reach an agreement or to accept particular settlement terms.

Mr. Sudman's mediation services are now available to the public, with convenient location in Mason, immediately east of the WLW broadcast tower on Tylersville Road.


During mediation, the parties explain the problems and issues as they see it and present their ideas as to how they believe matters can be resolved. This is done in an atmosphere of civility and order. The mediator is there to maintain that atmosphere of civility and order and to assist and guide the parties to develop workable solutions.


Harry S. Sudman received his training at Mediation Services of Central Ohio and the Ohio Supreme Court. Mr. Sudman, as part of his responsibilities as a Magistrate with the Butler County Ohio Domestic Relation Court in Hamilton, Ohio, mediated many cases.


“As a Magistrate I had considerable satisfaction and success mediating with couples either prior to or after a divorce or with unmarried couples wanting to resolve their disputes.”


“Mediation is a process allowing the participants, with the active and creative assistance of a skilled and experienced neutral mediator, to arrive at a solution to their issues instead of enduring the stress, uncertainty and expense of a trial.”


Mr. Sudman adds, “My mission is to empower participants so they retain control of the outcome."

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